GoldenFirst I would like to say welcome, and thank you so much for viewing my blog.  I guess I should tell you about myself.  I Love to write… I’ve been writing since I was 12 when I received an assignment in class to write a poem.  I then moved on to taking creative writing classes.  I am also a spoken word poet.  My stage name is Lovely Love, which is a term of endearment a friend of mine calls me.  He asked me one day, would you like me to call you Lovely Love or Marsha… I just had to go with Lovely Love, and it’s been my name ever since.

I’ve been practicing a vegan diet (or bee-gan – allow for honey and bee pollen) since January 2010 and practiced vegetarianism for five months prior to that.  I Love to cook.  So it makes perfectly good sense for me to start a cooking blog.  You can expect mostly gluten-free vegan recipes from this blog.  Occasionally, I may introduce a recipe with honey or non-gluten-free ingredient.  Just feel free to switch out that one ingredient with another that falls more in line with your diet, if the recipe does not quite meet your guidelines.  However, you will never find anything that is or contains meat, fish, dairy, or eggs.  If I happen to slip up and unknowingly introduce a sauce with a funny name that I had no clue about… please feel free to call me out.  I actually beg you to.

Many of the recipes that I will introduce are things that I am making for the first time, as there are so many dishes I would like to try to make for myself.  Others will be things I’ve made a million times before and will introduce them for the first time here.  Some will be gluten-free vegan versions of West Indian dishes I grew up eating and have finally decided to veganize.  This will be an exciting journey and I am glad you are making it with me.  Much Love to you and yours.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Starchee!! I plan to put together as many fresh recipes as possible, so with that I hope to make just as many posts. I will only do the ones that came out pretty good. Some posts may just be informational.

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